Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Clues and Cards

My college friends and I had lunch at TriNoma yesterday and there was this huge Toy Sale (Toys R Us) at the activity area. At the sight of numerous colorful contraptions, we, kids at heart, decided to check it out.

Toy Sale Thoughts:
  1. How do people define sports these days? I mean stacking cups really fast is great but to call it SPORTS STACKING? Really?!
  2. Modern day toys are crazy. As in some are crazy awesome and some are crazy mediocre .
  3. I wonder if kids of this generation still play Patintero, Habulan, Agawang Base etc. I see kids at playgrounds and skate parks but I don't hear anyone yelling "Taya!" or "Viva!" anymore. :(
Anyway, I ended up buying 3 toy planes for my nephew whom I just love to spoil with pasalubong.  Neko* bought Cluedo (more on that later).

We also stopped by Powerbooks and I (finally) bought Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. Yey!! Will do a review on that once I finish reading it.

We headed to Agent P's* house where we will be sleeping over. After we partly did our theses, we decided to play Cluedo.

It took us about 30 minutes just to understand the game. We had instructions from the internet, from the manual that came with the board game and from  those who have played the game before. That's about 5 different versions of Cluedo. Anyway, Cluedo, once comprehended, is a very cool game. It is, as stated by Wikipedia, "a popular murder/mystery-themed deduction board game". 2 of us were analytic freaks, 2 were higly competitive, 1 was a mystery novel addict and 1 was bored (oh..3 were working on their theses and decided to pass). IT WAS PERFECT. I had a blast. I highly recommend Cluedo as a sleepover staple.

(photo taken from curiousminds.com.au)

Speaking of sleepover staples, another one is playing cards. We played In Between (a betting game wherein I was one of the first people to lose their money), the classic and idiotically exciting 1-2-3 pass and of course, a personal favorite, Egyptian Pokpok.

Here's a sappy epiphany: the simplest things in life, when shared with loved ones, make the best memories.

*not actual names to protect their privacy