Sunday, August 28, 2011


Well well well.
I've been planning to do this blog for weeks now but I never really thought I'd do in the morning!
Not just morning it's frigging 2AM!!

So yeah. First post's total crap but I guess that's what first posts are for right?

First posts are the version ones.
They're the prototypes.

So yeah. I should really be snoozing right now. I have to be at Church by yeah. 
That's 6 hours from now. Which means I have to be up by at least 4:30 am.
+30 minutes for the "i'll-be-up-in-5mins" morning drag
+30 minutes for eating
+30 minutes for bathing
+30 minutes for prepping up (I'm a girl. Do the math.)
+30 minutes of waiting for everybody else to be ready
+45 minutes of travel time
7:45 am. :)

So I'm not the fastest horse on the track. I don't know. Maybe someday, I'll get used to mornings.