Wednesday, August 31, 2011

(Almost) Midnight Snacking

I woke up with colds today. And I was really down all day. As in literally down.
I could barely stand up because, for some strange reason, my head feels heavy.
My nose and throat are all clogged up. My eyes feel so strained. 
My surroundings seem to spin when I close them.
And because of all the phlegm inside me I feel so..viral.
Is this how colds feel like? I haven't had it for quite a while (I've always been proud of my immune system) and now it's a totally new sucky feeling for me.

I ended up not going to school. 
I missed Philippine Government & Constitution and Information Resource Management classes. UGH.

I'm better now. I've taken my meds. One for the hangover-like headache and another for the colds.
I whipped up quite an interesting evening snack that I munched while watching Hell's Kitchen reruns.

What you're predominantly seeing are the cookies* but underneath those are chopped Fuji apples, bananas and cheddar cheese.  I paired it up with Coke (my personal fuel) and it was sooo good. I hate veggies to death but fruits are my friends. The only setback was that the apples were a bit too acidic; it would've been perfect if they were a bit sweeter. And I wished I crushed the cookies.


*The cookies are Fibisco's The Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies which I absolutely love because they're cheap, easily available and super delish. I never run out of it in my personal pantry.